It was Trending world-wide on Twitter today, so I quickly started working on a present for my mom. Worked on this stupid song for three hours and then realized that it was only Mother's Day in the stupid UK.

ANYWAY, for my random United Kingdom pals, check out my newest song and let your mom listen to it so I can get in her pants.


I need a little help, pls!

2013-01-14 14:45:55 by cantinera

So, I've been working on this remix of one of Bruno Mars's new songs that I'm super addicted to, but I can't find an acappella to get the vocals!

Does anyone know how to isolate vocals without an instrumental (mainly, because there isn't an instrumental available)?
I've tried the Audacity vocal cancellation to make an instrumental, but the quality is degraded too much to even consider using.

Oh, the song is question is MONEY MAKE HER SMILE. That bass line though...its just...UNF. SEX. STRAIGHT UP SEX.

You will love my remix, you know...once I get dem vocals.

I'm Still Here

2012-12-15 16:24:22 by cantinera

Aaaaaagh. I've been working on making more random loops these past couple of weeks. Attempting to dust off what little music skills I've managed to retain all these years and polish them into another masterpiece. Don't worry, bros.


I'm Still Here

I'm currently working on making a stereotypical gushy love song type thing.

My inspiration? Well, we'll get to that later on or, you know, never depending on how things end up.
Just a heads up and a nudge in the shoulder to let you guys know I didn't die over Winter Break!

Look forward to it and feel free to post some songs that I should research while working on this because, believe it or not, happy and lovey-dubby songs are not my forte.

More Cushin' for the Pushin'

2011-12-12 13:10:08 by cantinera

Decided to upload all my mini songs and crap here. There will be an avalanche of horrible songs.

Just thought I should warn you.

AND PLEASE, LEAVE COMMENTS! I do enjoy reading your wonderful, sage advice.
Okay, maybe its not always super wonderful, but I really like feedback for improvement.

WOO! New music time already?!

2011-02-13 22:05:54 by cantinera

As whoever-just-happens-to-be-reading-thi s probably knows, I had a crazy tantrum (on the verge of meltdown) because of the amount to time it took to upload my first audio post.

Well, I'm soooo over that, mainly because I just uploaded another song!

I'm going to start working on another one with Starbucks as my inspiration.
Ah, hipsters. You guys are so inspirational.

Uploading STILL Takes Forever

2011-02-02 21:49:02 by cantinera

Like I said last week, this uploading time is getting on my nerves.

I wish the audio portal could move ALOT faster. I uploaded my horrible flash video and it was instant.

Why can't we blam audio like we do with flash?

GRRR. I just wanted to share my audio quickly. Next time, I'll use Tumblr or something.

I'd better grab my Hipster repellent while I'm over there.

Gawd. Uploading takes FOREVER!!!

2011-01-28 22:28:26 by cantinera

I uploaded two songs earlier today and JUST BECAUSE I MADE A NEW ACCOUNT, they're taking forever to display.

GRR. I should've just used my old account, but I really hate the username.
I wasn't paying attention and misspelled it rather badly. It isn't something too bad, but it bothers me.

Hey Newgrounds, you should let us change our usernames.