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Newgrounds rangers Newgrounds rangers

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Allow me to say "Worst. Game. EVER."

The "X" button doesn't allow you to jump, at certain times, even though the Author states this in the comment section. And, unless you read the Author's comments, you'd have no idea how to play.

There should probably be some more instructions inside the game. You know, like controls and stuff: things that games typically have. >>

Also, the audio is more than glitchy: its non-existent. The second time I played through, I heard this gut-wrenching scream play as I fell to my death. Unnerving to say the least, mainly because THERE IS NO BACKGROUND MUSIC!

The character selection screen is a joke. Of the three choices you have, only one of them successfully works.

You have been blammed, good sir. Better luck next time.

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